Fix for iPhone IOS 4 and Exchange 2010 Active Sync Issues

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My good friend and coworker @reecewilkinson seems to have found a REAL fix for the Exchange 2010 issues with IOS 4.  He obtained this profile directly from an engineer at Apple.  If you were getting issues (mostly with sending emails), this profile update will likely help you. More specifically, it’s a work-around that disables support for EAS 14 and defaults back to EAS 12.1.

Here’s the exact words on the profile update:

Disables support for Exchange 2010. Exchange 2010 servers will be treated as through were Exchange 2007 servers. NOTE: Requires reboot.

So far, this has yielded huge improvements with our testing. Your mileage may vary. We will be rolling this out to about 200 iphone users in our environment.

Here’s the link (just click with iPhone and install): BlackListExchange2010.mobileconfig

UPDATE: IOS 4.1 works great. It appears that Apple fixed the issue finally. The above fix only applies to 4.0.x and isn’t necessary for 4.1.

Now if we could only find a way to make the actual phone calls more reliable!  As a work-around, here’s is the proper technique for holding the iPhone.  Note that there is only one contact point with the hand… and it’s well away from the antennae bands.

13 Responses to “Fix for iPhone IOS 4 and Exchange 2010 Active Sync Issues”

  1. Mr. Diggles Says:

    This method is effective but leads to fist fights.

  2. Aert Says:

    Perfect! Just works :)

  3. Arthur Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to know if you had problems setting up an exchange server account on the Iphone ?

    Please see my problem here :

  4. Wrekk Says:

    Link dont work on iPhone? … “Safari could not install a profile due to an unknown error”. iPhone3Gs iOS4.0

  5. Wrekk Says:

    Did it as an attachment in a mail… installed and rebooted… did it work? noooo noooo (familyguy-maid)

  6. AbstractS Says:

    This fixed our issue, many thanks! We’d spent most of today trying to resolve!

  7. OLTSYS Says:


    For 3 months we are desesperately searching a fix with no success. Neither Microsoft nor Apple have been able to provide us a solution for our Agency ! It’s a shame.

    Again, many thanks to you :)

  8. Jaycee Says:

    Ever since I accidentally loaded OS4 on my 3g my Lotus Notes calendar would not sync thro’ Commontime’s server, now it works, 3 cheers!

  9. Zappa Says:

    Perfect fix. Would not install through safari. Emailed to self as attachment. Installed. Problem solved.

    Thank you!

  10. christian Says:

    Thx for this fix.
    It seems like 4.1 hasnt fixed that completely.
    We have users with iphones and without any trouble.
    but a few cant send mails.
    After applying the BlackListExchange2010.mobileconfig everything worked fine.

  11. Caio Ribeiro Cesar Says:

    Not suggested…

    Contact apple support instead.

  12. Caio Ribeiro Cesar Says:

  13. sagit Says:

    Thank you!! worked for me as well.

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