FIOS vs Comcast, A Real World Comparison and Review

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*** Updated for 2009 at the bottom of this post. ***

I finally switched from Comcast to Verizon. I did a lot of research on which service was better and why and found the details in most reviews to be lacking. As such, I thought I would take the time to post what I’ve learned along with some real world comparisons and metrics.

Installation took about 7 hours total. It would have taken less time, but I apparently had a couple of bad barrel connectors that wouldn’t pass some of the technicians tests. The tech was very thorough, did a very neat and tidy install. he also picked up his trash which was very courteous.

Here’s some pics of the ONT box on the side of the house.

The ONT box gets power from a Verizon UPS located inside the closet in my office where all of my networking terminates.

The coax on the left side of the above pic goes straight into the FIOS router. The tech said that it’s possible to run Ethernet straight from the ONT, but he’s had mixed luck with it working that way. He said about half of the time it just doesn’t cooperate, but that the coax (moca) always works. Here’s a pic of the router.

FIOS vs Comcast Internet
The router is made by ActionTec and has 4 10/100 Mbps ports. I was disappointed that it didn’t support gigabit on the switch side, but oh well. The configuration of the router is done through a nice web GUI. I was using DD-WRT on a Linksys and was concerned this would be a downgrade. However, the processor is significantly faster than the linksys.

Note the center column that shows all connected devices on the network. This is where things get interesting. The coax leading to the Router is not just the Internet feed, but it also connects your TV STBs (Set Top Boxes) to your network. This is how the STBs get program guides and other data services. Pretty neat. Note that I it shows that I have 3. The first two are actually ONE HD-DVR, but apparently each tuner makes it’s own network connection. The other STB is my kids TV.

There are many tools out there to test your speed capabilities. I prefer as it’s free, pretty, and easy to use. Check out the Comcast and Verizon speed test results:

The above tests were done to Olympia, WA which always showed the highest throughput for Comcast from my home in the Portland area. However, FIOS tests much higher to the Portland location (which is what you would expect). I can’t explain the difference other than to assume that Comcast has a peering location in Olympia and FIOS has a closer one in Portland somewhere. Just a guess though.

It is important to note that Comcast cheats like crazy on the speedtest reports, regardless of which one you use. They even have a marketing term for their cheat… SpeedBoost. Basically, Comcast will give you excellent bandwidth (in my case, 20Mbps) for the first 10 seconds or so of any download. After that 10 seconds of bliss, however, you are knocked back down to a more modest 6-8Mbps. This makes Comcast look great on speed and bandwidth reports, but has little bearing on what you can get sustained. Sure, this will make web pages load quicker, but won’t help you with any data transfer.

To illustrate my point, I downloaded Elephant’s Dream (an open source movie) via NNTP using Comcast and took a snapshot of the network throttling behavior.

As the breaks in between each set of data is when I manually stopped the transfer. As each transfer began, the throughput spiked to about 20Mbps or so, but quickly settled on a much lower sustained rate. I stopped and started the transfer a couple of times for illustration as the graph shows. Now check out the same exact download from the same NNTP servers (Giganews) on FIOS.

As you can see, I was able to get 1830KBps (roughly 14Mbps) SUSTAINED. No spikes here folks, just real throughput without any tricks.

Some things you should know. All computers connected to the FIOS network require some tweaking to get full speed. Thankfully, Verizon has a FIOS speed optimizer tool you can use to obtain the best performance that tweaks your OS for you. It doesn’t appear to leave any malware or adware behind… just modifies the registry to optimize the TCP settings. Vista users will need to grab the KB939006 patch from Microsoft first.

FIOS vs Comcast TV
My initial impressions are very positive.

The HD-DVR has revealed little to no menu lag like the Comcast DVR does. Further, the menus are much more elegant than the Comcast ones. The STBs for Comcast and FIOS are made by Motorola, so I can only assume that the firmware developers on the FIOS side are much better at their jobs. The guide is easy to use. You can scroll rapidly through channels by holding the up or down arrow. With Comcast, I had to hit page down or page up. FIOS scrolling is fast, fast, fast. The channel logos appear next to each channel for easy visual recognition as well.

I haven’t used the DVR to it’s fullest extent, so I will refrain from commenting on it. Nothing negative in my initial impressions came up however.

Compression artifacts are apparently no where to be seen on the regular channel line-up. With Comcast, the cartoon network showed clear compression artifacts, even on the kids 36″ standard def TV. The HD channels are also very clean, crisp, and free of artifacts.

The Video On Demand was easy to use, but has a real ugly side… it’s compressed like crazy and the artifacts were very big and very ugly on my 57″ HDTV. Click on the pic below to see the full size image. The artifacts are readily apparent and very disappointing. Also, I wasn’t able to find any HD VOD. Perhaps it’s there somewhere, but I didn’t see it.

As far as phone service goes… it works. There isn’t much to review other than I am able to call people and they can call me. Someday I plan to ditch my phone service entirely and just use our cell phones so I don’t care for much more than a dial tone and clear voice, which FIOS has.

FIOS is about $30 per month cheaper than Comcast in my neck of the woods for the “Freedom” package which includes TV, Phone, and Internet service.

The Internet downstream clearly faster than Comcast by more than double when comparing sustained speeds. FIOS upstream is about 7 times faster than Comcast. In general latency also appears to be somewhat lower than Comcast. Winner: FIOS.

The high definition TV service from FIOS is similar to Comcast, although Comcast had visible compression artifacts on many channels that FIOS does not. However, the FIOS VOD service is horrible compressed and it shows. Winner: FIOS, but if you’re a heavy VOD user, you may want to keep Comcast.

Phone service seems virtually identical.

I hope this review was helpful to you. Enjoy FIOS!

Update July 2009

It’s been over a year with FIOS and I’ve had no problems at all.  Not a single outage that I can recall.

The speed is amazing and I have since upgraded to their 25 Mbps / 5 Mbps plan.  I can sustain 2.34 MegaBYTES per second.  A 100 MB file will download in about 25 seconds.  I can watch 1080p videos on without any buffering.  Just click and play.


No problems, but it’s not exactly a feature I care about.  I’m waiting for Google Voice to let me port my home phone number, then life will be grand as I won’t need the home phone itself.

HD quality is still great and there are now over 100 HD channels.  I honestly can’t remember the last time we watched standard definition TV.  Everything we watch or browse is in HD.

Also, the HDR menu is WAY improved (not that it was a problem a year ago).  It’s very zippy and only occasionally does it slow down (usually when recording two HD shows at the same time).

60 Responses to “FIOS vs Comcast, A Real World Comparison and Review”

  1. Joleine Says:

    That’s a great review Jim! You’ll like the DVR, especially it puts your “season pass” stuff in folders!! it’s so cool.. Also FIOS has a lot more HD channels than Comcast.. Foodnetwork HD, HGTV HD to name a couple :)

    Fios FTW!

  2. Stanley Baker Says:

    Hi Jim
    I have to agree with you about Comcast. I have their cable TV and boy even that sucks. They have about 30 HD channels. Most pay stations of course. The picture quality stinks and the service is right up there with, ” who me? Sorry can’t help ya” attitude.
    I had Comcast internet dial up, sorry, cable narrow band, sorry there i go again, broadband but I now have FIOS. I will agree it is much better but resets still occur on occasion. As well the hiccups when trying to load pages but I have a way around that and now it is smooth sailing, fast loads and downloads and the joy keeps coming. My secret. The one I’m sure a lot of folks know but it was news to me is A few settings through your browser, but I also recommend you set up your FIOS router as well. The difference is no less than amazing. I read the hype and said, “OK amaze me with your opendns voodoo”. Well I am now practicing voodoo and I love it.
    So I agree you’ll love FIOS I get 22mb down and 5 up and it can only go higher. Well actually you can go higher if you want to pay more but I’m content with my existing connection. Just keep in mind that media companies lie through their collective teeth. If you check your line you’ll find you get 22mb if your in your area but the further you get away from that it slows considerably but never as bad a Comcast. For me in Massachusetts when I get to about New York it drops off and by the time I get to California I get down to about 6mbs. I think on the whole that Verizon does well to stay out of your life with slowdowns and metering but at these speeds it is hard to tell unless you meter the sites all the time but i use Bitorent and even Emule on rare occasions but again, no slow downs. I do not download vast amounts nor do I cross the line that much but when on Comcast it was obvious to the extreme that they were metering and just not giving the public what they ask for.
    Hope this helps. When you get FIOS I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
    On aside. I have talked to a few lucky people who have FIOS TV and they can’t blubber enough about their picture and service. The picture quality is told to be incredible and HD is over the top. If I do not get it soon I just may have to start writing threatening emails to Verizon. They’ll be sorry they didn’t give me my FIOS TV sooner. Oh yes they will! Sorry. I get just a little impatient having to use Comcast for anything. I can only hope that someone comes along and knocks them off their throne. You hear me Verizon?
    That’s it. I’m outta here,

  3. No More Cable ~ IT Professionals Says:

    [...] to their “SpeedBoost”, which is like a quick sugar rush with a big crash later on, FIOS clearly blows Comcast out of the water. This would also mean that I am free of the nightmare that has been the lag-tastic, menu hanging [...]

  4. Comcast Coming Clean? ~ IT Professionals Says:

    [...] I have see with cable in my area. So Comcast is limiting their users? Fair enough, I am sure it will happen to FiOS as well…eventually. But Comcast needs to couple these limits with less emphasis on marketing lingo such as [...]

  5. San Says:

    Jim, thanks for the great review. But I disagree with your quote: There are two kinds of men in the world; men of action and all others. The same applies to women…

  6. Jim Goings Says:

    True, but it’s not my quote. I was literally quoting a speech given by LTC Randolph C. White of the U.S. Army. You can watch the speech here:

  7. Fiber Guy - Cable/Telco industry Pro Says:

    Nice review, Jim. Both the customers and the industry need more of these. One clarification — the underlying Motorola firmware does NOT provide the menus, user interface elements or program data (the Interactive Program Guide – aka IPG). Both Comcast and Verizon create their own IPGs, so any differences you see in speed, quality and design in these areas reflects differences between Comcast & Verizon software teams — not between Motorola firmware teams.

  8. jimgoings Says:

    Thanks for the clarification Fiber Guy (why not use your real name?). I do see occasional slowness with the FIOS system after it’s been on for a long time (weeks). A power down and boot up solves the problem.

    In any case – the FIOS IPG is far superior to the Comcast one.

  9. john Says:

    I see the tech did not put the proper drip loop on the output end of your 3 way splitter. You will be have problems with water in your lines in no time.

  10. Thomas Rush Says:

    So helpfull. Thanks so much.

  11. Rick Says:

    This is a nice writeup! I was trying to prove to some friends that Comcast’s Speedboost was just a marketing ploy to make people think they have super-fast downloads. *roll eyes*. By the way, what program is that you are using to show the download speed graph?

  12. Eugene Preston Says:

    what about the fact that my home alarm system needs to be hooked up to a landline, along with all the receivers i have with dish network

  13. Cmos128 Says:

    I wanted to add: The Cat connection from the ONT is an extra line to install, so they don’t really want to run one but if you are a techie you may want to separate your Internet from your coax. There are a few reasons this will be better. The ONT can handle that fine although you will need to change the settings in the router.

  14. VZtech Says:

    No, you cannot use the ethernet connection on the ONT unless the FIOS tech had put in the change from MOCA (coax) to Ethernet via the FIOS CONTROL CENTER (FCC). This would have been done at the time of the installation and then it would have meant that you do not have FIOS TV because FIOS TV requires using MOCA (Multi-media-over-coax)and it was easier to run CAT5 than Coaxial ( Not likely). The router would need no configuration, it self dectects ethernet or MOCA. There is no performance loss using Coaxial. None.

  15. MITMatt Says:

    What package (i.e. down speed) were you paying for from Comcast?

    I don’t think I saw it mentioned in the post, but I’m trying to figure out how their SpeedBoost compares to the overall number they apply to packages (e.g. does buying “20Mbps down” mean it can boost up to 20Mbps or that it sustains 20Mbps after the boost?).

  16. jimgoings Says:

    MITMatt: Comcast (to my knowledge) doesn’t offer any sustained speeds over about 6-8 Mbps. The speed will “boost” for the first 10-20 seconds or so to 20 Mbps, but will return to 6-8 Mbps for the duration of that download. It’s great for browsing web pages, but not so great for downloading files.

  17. JRN Says:

    Just wondering.. were the graphs from your home PC or did you find a way to pull graphs from the Actiontec router?

  18. Ashley Says:

    Very impressive and helpful comparison. Comcast is about $100 a month more than FIOS in my area so I wanted a general overview of what the difference would be were I to switch to FIOS. Now I know. Thank you for taking the time.

  19. troy Says:

    nice review thank you for a true synopsis i am so sick of comcast saying they have the fastest internet THEY DO NOT and their docsis 3.0 is not close or better than fttp ,yes i am a fios tech with verizon we are only using 10 to 15 percent of the fibers capability coming to your home with all three services we are about to crank it up sorry comcast to little too late.

  20. Jason Says:

    I see that you said you were using fios in olympia. Verizon says that it’s not available there and that’s where i live and i’ve been waiting for fios forever!

  21. Gus Says:

    Well working with comcast… Comcast has come a long ways… I do agree that we are a bit more expensive however we have been updating our networks and increasing speeds for internet. As of right now we have the capability (if you are willing to pay) of 50 mbps sustained speed with the speed boost you get up to 65 for the first few minutes of a down load. Right now most customers are getting the higher end speed at 16-22… AS most of you know cable speeds fluctuate depending on how many people are using the internet in the area… As for HD the channels have opened up channels 194+ are all HD until 299… (300+ are premium channels) Phone I don’t care about but it is as good as verizon) As for prices… well it all depends services you want all… AS for Fios contracts and I hate them Comcast none leave and come as you please…

  22. Gus Says:

    One more thing… 24 hours customer service and tech support. And tech come out 7 days a week and we have only a 2 hour window insstead of we will be there between 11-4… So just another side note with comcast.

  23. Shawn Says:


    Curious as well what program your using to get your download rate graph.

  24. John Says:

    The HD VOD is great, great picture in my area. Have you had time to test the HD VOD in your area? Most of the standard def VOD is also very good in comparison to Comcast.

    We are forced to have Comcast at our shore home, no FiOS. The difference is day to night. In our area Comcast uses Scientific Atlanta boxes and the software Comcast uses stinks beyond what I can say here. Lag, lag, lag. The so-called HD package is “One” of each premium channels. So, I get ONE HD SHOWTIME, ONE HD HBO, stinks. Whomever set the channels up is on crack. Instead of all HD channels corresponding to their standard def counterparts, they are random! So, instead of say channel 2 being 602 channel 4 being 603 like FiOS, channel 2 is “233″ and channel 5 is “234″. Go figure. Comcast has lots of work to do if they want to really compete. Comcast had been sitting with a monopoly and not much incentive to innovate for a long time, now they are hastily playing catch up.

    As for telephone service, FiOS phone service comes with a UPS – phone service will work when the power goes out. Comcast, your out of luck.

  25. John Says:

    Correction on my channel example, FiOS channel 4 is 604 not 603. In other words, all FiOS standard channels are the same as HD except add a 6 in front of the standard. Make sense, no need to memorize a new channel map.
    2 = 602 3 = 603 4 = 604

    Comcast, 2= 233 5= 234 (the only two I could remember and yes, I meant 5 is 234)

  26. zingbot Says:

    This report isn’t that well thought out. He says Comcast cheats, which is NOT a cheat. It’s there to make the internet more responsive, and it works. It’s not there to make tests look good. Also this guy is a mac user. Anyone who got fooled into getting one isn’t likely to be that computer savvy, as they tend to choose looks over function. I know, I know, there are a lot of ways to attack me for that one. And there are uses for them, but 9 times out of 10, they tend to be easy people to fool. And they want to claim they are easier to use, yet then they want to also claim they are technically sophisticated people at the same time. He even likes because it’s “pretty”. Anyone in the know, knows you can get a system twice as fast for 1/2 the cost and runs great on win7. But mac users miss this point, they get caught up in ImAMac commercials, lol. Ok, I’m not going to write enough to prove my point, but people who know what I mean, know I’m right. The article boasts about how he can play HD movies on using FIOS. I can also play HD 1080 without a glitch here on my comcast. So this isn’t convincing me to make the change. And no I’m not pushing comcast. I’m here because I’m considering fios. But these comparisons are mostly silly that he is making. He also leaves out an important variable which is that latency and slow DNS that comes with FIOS can lead to a slower experience in most cases when traversing the web. At this point I’m getting about 25Mb/s on comcast DL, and about 4 UL. My UL isn’t the best, but it’s an average of other services and not bad. Believe me. I want to change to FIOS because it’s cheaper, BUT I can not find one thing I like about it that’s better than comcast. I also may not be able to change my IP from time to time because it likely involves stopping DVRs from working. I can probably change IP, with a 2nd router that clones macs, but look at his screen shot. What do you notice? It’s ghosted out. That’s because he’s afraid someone will read it. And that’s because he can’t change it which is my point. On Comcast, I can change my IP at will by editing the mac in my router.

    Also there seem to be more negative reviews than positive about fios. Sure the average person will not be able to tell the difference, but having to wait for a slow DNS server to see web pages pause when loading is no fun. Someone who hasn’t seen comcast at it’s best is not going to know the difference. But I can say comcast, is like instantaneous when I jump around. I can also play Youtube videos in HD with no skipping. But part of that also has to do with having a fast PC that can process the video.

  27. zingbot Says:

    Just to back up my claim on systems. I have an i7 pc at 3.8ghz, ddr3, 1TB HD, great nvidia card. It cost me $830. It’s about twice as fast as a typical $1600 imac. A friend of mine with a mac could not believe how fast it was. I could process video more than twice as fast as his 2009 core 2 duo imac. For fun I hackintoshed leopard into my pc and showed him a mac twice as fast as his. He was sick, but thought it was cool. My current system is quicker than a $2500 pro. Now apple finally, a year after pc, offers i7 for about $2000. In pc land, you can buy anything from crap computers to great one if you shop for them. And I don’t really think a mac user can’t be smart or knowledgeable. It’s just that someone who sprinkles macs around their entire home usually have an attitude problem about pc’s. And when they do, it’s usually a sign of being at least partially uninformed and a bit brainwashed. And while technically informed, perhaps lacking the bigger picture.

  28. Shawn Says:

    hehe..i love the whole mac vs pc debate about as much as i enjoy the enterprise vs star destroyer debate..

    Regardless of the system Jim is running his download speed graph shows it all. So if you can show us your graphs of download speed with comcast vs vios it would be great.

  29. Len Says:

    Verison uses the Actiontec router they install in your home for name resolution. It is a piece of garbage. The latency caused by this for web surfing makes the user exerience offered by Verizon to greatly suffer. So upload and download speeds are faster on Verizon. What percent of your computing time is uploading or downloading large files? Comcast’s network is less complex and name resolution is very responsive making the overall websurfing experience better.

  30. Al Says:

    Very informative…I am considering switching to FIOS…My biggest hangup is the cancellation fee…now over $300.
    At least Comcast has not yet gone in that direction…

  31. Chris Says:

    Well, I had already made the decision to go to FIOS, but with some trepidation. This review removed all of that from me. The FIOS outside installation people did the outside work yesterday – beautiful job running the fibre to the back of the house with no destruction – and the inside tech is coming Friday. So far the experience has been smooth and above expectations. Straw that broke the camel’s back for me was Comcast moving channels around, telling me I could pick up cable cards, making me wait in line for over an hour, and then telling me the call center was mistaken that I would have to call for an appointment and pay a service call fee. Combine that with my sloooooow AT&T DSL and I said fine,if a tech is coming out it is going to be to give me the biggest, fastest, meanest pipe money can buy. I can’t wait. Will give the final report after install.

  32. Karen Says:

    I am furious with Fios right now. They were scheduled to come out (between noon and 4:00 on Saturday) and they never showed and never called. I called them and they said the “hub” was down in my area so they couldn’t install. Nice of them to let me know so I wasted 4 hours of my weekend! They said they’d call to reschedule and never did. AND they disconnected my Verizon DSL 4 days later! That was 5 days ago and I still can’t get them to turn it back on! I hate Dish Network, but I think I’ll stick with what I already have and find a new ISP!

  33. barbie Says:

    Why would ANYONE want to sign a contract for TWO years with Fios…..knowing quite well its so they can raise your rates when THEY choose….and if god forbid, you choose to leave, the early termination fee is $360 bucks!!!!Comcast may have there moments but at least I can stay or go if I choose… the fine print people!!!!!

  34. Cordie Eppihimer Says:

    You clearly have read a lot of this subject. Quite informative! Thanks for posting.
    Cordie Eppihimer

  35. Babar Phelps Says:

    Made some good points, I liked it.

  36. Leta Morva Says:

    Many thanks. good job. My hubby and i did not necessarily foresee this amazing site on a Monday.

  37. Computer Guy Says:

    Oh man, that’s HILARIOUS!!!

  38. Angela Says:

    Get real dude! Microsoft rules.

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  41. Spammer Says:

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  42. Bart Szysh Says:

    Your Rss does not work properly in my browser (opera browser) how can i fix it?

  43. exilelrrp Says:

    Comcast has been the worst cable provider ever!!!…I had no choice but to go with them until now…Yes Verizon Fios!…Im not thinkin’ twice i was forced to hate Comcast!

    1-Stupid “Customer Service” givin’ you the run around!
    2-Tech Support” half of them dont know what they talkin’ about!…
    3-Their HD channels suck i changed the box 3 times it turns off on its own i get laggy voice sometimes!…
    4-Internet sometimes goes out then comes back changed my box to a cisco DPC3000 3.0 paid to get a boost [24-DL 4.5 UPL] & yet it seems slow with big delay!
    5-I have a custom build gamin’ rig!…Its not my PC with the problem.

    On top of all that im payin $165.00 plus tax for the tripple play & i dont even get HBO,STARZ,SHOWTIME or CINEMAX!…No i get only 1 ENCORE HD channel the rest of the 4 ENCORE are regular & 1 regular IFC channel.

    So far from Verizon im gettin’ Tripple Play with 16 HD HBO’s & 12 SHOWTIMES!…With Boost internet of [ 25-DL / 25-UPL ] for $122.00 You do the math!

    Im sorry but have you notice most Comcast installers that come to your home or apt look like they came out of a Halfway House!!!

  44. VINAY KUMAR Says:

    Very helpful review. Thanks! I’m switching to FIOS!

  45. Jason Says:

    I don’t see how you are doing a test in olympia, wa and portland, or when Fios isn’t even available in the olympia area??? I want fios!

  46. Rob Says:

    If FIOS is so great why do they charge you an outrageous early termination fee? Trust me, before it’s all said and done, you will be paying well over $200/mo. for your “Freedom” package. Free to do what? Stay with them until they say you can leave. Oh, and by the way, that hot box in your closet will eventually damage all of your televisions. Good Luck!!!

  47. Shanta Broadnay Says:

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  49. Ricardo Says:

    I have been with Comcast cable for 30 yrs. (they bought the initial cable supplier)
    I have had Comcast broadband for approx. 12-15 yrs. ???

    1. Cable goes down a number of times a year. I can’t remember when my phone service (Verizon) went down. Why would I give them my phone service?

    2. Comcast upstream wiring on the poles is old. I lose partial service whenever there is extreme hot or cold weather. They know the problem exist but only give excuses. Roberts just doesn’t want to put any money into maintaining the system. I assume he allocated the money to buy Universal/NBC.

    3. For years, I use to be available to tell when school was out for the day because the internet slowed down drastically. That problem has been reduced over the years. I assume because all of the people upstream from us have switched to Fios.

    4. Comcast is more expensive than Fios unless you call Comcast a couple times a year for a better deal.


    I live in one of the highest per-capita area in the U.S. (Wash,DC suburb)

    There is no reason or excuse to supply such poor service to its customer. But, they do because they know they can get away with it.

    A close relative lives a few miles away from us. They have Fios. When my internet goes down, I take my laptop over there to do some necessary work. Their internet speed is far faster than ours.

    I called them again today and they gave me lip service.

    I’m switching to Fios.

  50. JessIAm Says:

    Has anyone done similar speed tests with FIOS now that Frontier has taken over?

  51. Patti Says:

    I am glad I came across this info on Fios. I am torn. I need the internet all day to make my living so it is important that it is reliable. After going and speaking with someone at Verizon it appears that you can choose to not sign a contract (for a higher monthly premium) but even if you go with them for 12 month contract if you don’t continue you don’t have the early termination fee. Think I am pretty close to going for it. Thanks for all the great feed back everyone!

  52. John Doe Says:

    I love the Comcast defense.

    It *IS* a cheat. I deal with customers who call in about internet ALL the time. Comcast pushes their “30 meg internet” by saying their internet is faster than Fios. Yeah, obviously. So they go to their site that runs a test for 5 seconds, and gets a 30 meg reading.

    Of course, the 300 meg netflix video takes 20 seconds to buffer on the 15 meg FIOS, while it takes 50 seconds on the “30 meg XFinity”.

    Oh, but they’re not cheating, just making the network more responsive.


  53. Jason Says:

    How did you do verizon fios tests in Olympia, Wa? Verizon says that it is not offered in thurston county. Any info would be great because I would love to get fios!

  54. marty osten Says:

    I did not know I had a choice. Sitting in the middle of Redmond, WA. I feel it when all the developers go home at 5 or 6pm. When I was a developer I didn’t go home till midnight or later. Then again we didn’t have another continent to work on our stuff overnight.

    That’s exactly what causes my stuff to consistantly crawl twice a day. I was about to call them when I realized I was sick of computers after 30+ years. I wrote my first program when I was 14 at Lane Tech in Chicago. Went to the U of I. in Champaign/Urbana, and now have grown tired of the US giving all our IP away.

    So, now instead of thanking me that you can buy groceries with your ATM card, you can call me when your toilet stuffs up. You got it. It’s $85 just to start the truck and I can’t be outsourced. Can I?

    Oh what a feeling!

  55. Pascal Says:

    With Verizon having moved to Frontier and now Frontier saying they want you to switch to DirectTV as they can’t afford to support FIOS (hence why Verizon sold it I guess), what’s the real option? Pay to stay on FIOS and get the value you describe, move to DirectTV or go back to XFinity?

  56. tony Says:

    ” barbie Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 15:51

    Why would ANYONE want to sign a contract for TWO years with Fios…..knowing quite well its so they can raise your rates when THEY choose….and if god forbid, you choose to leave, the early termination fee is $360 bucks!!!!Comcast may have there moments but at least I can stay or go if I choose… the fine print people!!!!! ”

    I didn’t know that the cable companies can raise prices anytime once a contract is signed for an agreement? (one or two years) Isn’t this a breach of contract and are grounds to void the contract?

  57. Neil Says:

    Great practical experience story. But I notice the ups is in you closet. Do you test it once a week? How do you know if the battery needs replacement?

    Irene just hit here on the East Coast, and I’ve been without power for four days so far — had your UPS survived an extended outage yet?

  58. David Says:

    Looking at switching from Comcast ourselves and strongly looking at Fios. Especially after our cable box restarts at least once per day and our service actually dropped twice today.
    Replying to the early term fee, I saw this note…

    “2-year agreement required Beginning month 2, up to $230 early termination fee (w/ $10/mo. prorated reduction) applies.”

    Implying that if we term early, the fee starts at $230 and drops by $10 per month as we go through the contract time. So, if we term one year in to the two year agreement, the fee would be $120.
    And… We’ve been watching our Comcast bill slowly increase over the years and watching our quality of service slowly decline.

  59. Tom Says:

    I’ve been a loyal comcast customer for 5 or 6 years and they were great. Now they are raising the rate and don’t seem to care. I tried to work out a deal but they don’t seem to want to. I contacted Verizon and am getting more for a little less than what I was paying for Comcast. I only had 1 HD box and 2 digital boxes, I’m getting 5 HD boxes and a DVR player from Verizon. The price difference is not much but now all of our TVs will have HD.

  60. Cornelia in Pittsburgh Says:

    FIOS was installed in our neighborhood and we finally have provider options. I went to the Verizon store and reviewed triple and double plays along with internet speed, HD channels and movie channels. If we go with FIOS our internet speed would be 35/35 and we would have more movie channels than comcast. Not concerned about the 2 year agreement since we do not plan on moving. We have been a comcast customer for 7 years and they were not interested in matching the price. We will be saving $80 per month by switching from comcast to fios. I do like the fact of 1 HD DVR box and 2 HD boxes all can access our recorded shows.

    I do appreciate the time you took to write this review. I found it helpful. We will be making the change from comcast to fios in the next 2 months.

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